Sean M. (sirogit) wrote,
Sean M.

What was highschool like?

I've never went through high school, and I usually percieve that as kind of a blessing, because my reigning perspective on high school is "Assholetopulous", wherein the most bitter teachers who are as minimally competent as possible put as little heart manageable into pushing around a trough of drama queens and brahs, when being a brah has as much social approval as feasible and they're able to hulk out into some kind of mildly retarded racist/sexist super-brah.

My english class is pretty much that, and it makes me think "Man, I have had it better than most of the people I know".

Is my perspective accurate, though, considering its mostly cobbled together for asinine secrets and small fragmentory anecdotes of people around me? Worse, better, -different-? Help me expand my knowledge, chief brotagonist.
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