Sean M. (sirogit) wrote,
Sean M.

recent game concepts

a urban superhero based castletroid (Side-scrolling adventure game) with a quirky 4-color color scheme. I'd use some of the platforming elements developed for Randomly-Generated-Platform game. I'd also like to implement a system of choosable upgrades, so you can make your dude jump better or move faster or whatever. The main problem is that the source material would strongly imply punching based combat, and its something of a challenge to make a punching based-combat not suck in a platform game.

An AJAX based online game where you and a small group of other people attempt to survive a deserted island scenario for 15 minutes. At the beginning of the game each person can buy items for a set price, but is blind to the other's purchasing decisions. This can be a problem when all that people bring are guns.

Robots are dispensed by a benevolant socialist goverment to teach people how to live their lives right. Eventually the robots become corrupted if you don't maintain them well and they start pulling hilarious deadly pranks. Not exactly sure about what sort of game I'd make out of it, maybe a simplified RTS game or an adventure game with light RTS elements.
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